One man making a difference in Mozambique

It’s amazing when we met people who have decided to take upon themselves to make a difference in this world.

My husband and I just came back from my parent’s house, where we ate pizza and we had a chance to meet one of my dad’s friend. I have heard of him, but never met him. He’s an ordinary guy who took upon himself to help the people of Mozambique.

Hearing him speak, and seeing the photos maybe be realize that there’s a lot that still need to be done. If you Google Mozambique, you’ll find pictures of beautiful beaches, Madagascar is a beautiful island right next to it, and I’ve always wanted to visit Madagascar. But the reality is much different. People still have no water & no food.

This man took upon himself to build a well, he packed his bags, found a builder online, bought his ticket and weeks before the trip someone gave him a phone number of a Pastor that lived in the country and that could tell him more, since he knew no one. You see my dad along with his church had raised money to build a well there too, and he did this through a pastor that has been living there for 21 years.

Well because God is a God that loves to surprise us, my dad’s friend ended up meeting the same pastor that had built the well for my dad and his church!

A one point of the conversation he said “if I look for at the rich and expect them to help, or be angry at them for not doing anything, I’ll get angry, frustrated and depressed. I have to do what I can with my own hands. The difference starts with me, not them” I loved that, because we often see a lot of non-profits doing great work in many poverty countries and we often forget that this world is very big for this non-profits to do everything on their own.

I have been sponsoring a child for two years now. But I can be doing more.

My dad’s friend has built a well, is in the process of finishing up an orphanage that will house 300-400 kids, and is financially taking care of 40 kids. One of the kids, a girl, was sold off to a 60-year-old man, he raped her so much that she stopped walking. The old man threw her back in the back of her mother’s house and told her mother that when she started walking again that he would get her, or else she would have to pay. They brought her over to the orphanage and he had them take her to the doctors. Apparently this is a trauma that shouts off part of the brain that controls her walking. My dad’s friend took this little girl from her mom, and he paid the 60-year-old man, the price that was asked for her was $100 USD. Now this child will have a second chance in life because one man  and his family that set out to make a difference.

You and I can do the same. We need to stop looking at our own problems and start to be grateful for little or much that we have, and start to find ways to help the helpless.

There are many children, boy and girls that are hungry. I have seen his video, he said they come out of the bushes and so many come to eat carried their siblings in their backs! These kids are just waiting for us to make a difference.

Now, will you?



P.S.: It’s currently 12:13 am and there’s no way that I can get some images from him, but I’ll ask if he will send me some so I can upload this post.

My first blog post!

This has been a long time in the making. I’ve wanted to create a blog since 2010, but I never thought I had anything good enough to share. Fast forward to today, 6 years later, and after a series of life events, I have finally created the guts to start it.

My tag line for this blog is life, love & lifestyle and it’s what want to incorporate in my blog. When I thought of what category to write about I couldn’t decide, there are many things that I am passionate about that I want to share.

Here is the breakdown of the content of the blog: in the life category I want to write about life thoughts, what I’m currently reading, any life testimonies that I want to share, anything meaningful that has happened to me and shaped me in any way, and important things like money and career. In the love category I want to share about things that I love, talk about relationships, friendships, family & God. The lifestyle category of this blog will be the fun part and the biggest section of this blog, in it I’ll be sharing decorating ideas, fashion & beauty, art and music and maybe even some gluten-free baking! (I am not a good a good cook, but I have found hope in baking!)

I’m so excited to finally get out of my comfort zone, out of my shell of insecurities and start writing, sharing and creating a place of my own. I’m excited of what this blog will bring, personally it’s already bringing me joy because I’m actually doing this after sooo long!